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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 18, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PST

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this is "nightline." tonight, cosby controversy. now, yet another woman accusing bill cosby of sexual abuse. as the allegations keep coming, what happens to him now? plus, keeping up with kendall. she's not just another kardashian. she reveals why she's not afraid to go nude, and why she asked kim not to go to her show. and single ladies. maybe beyonce can afford
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tonight, yet another woman co coming forward, accusing bill cosby of sexual abuse. the man that became known as america's dad on "the cosby show", now facing a variety of allegations. cecilia vega sat down with the latest woman. >> reporter: he was america's dad. as famous for the sweaters as for the stories. >> i put the key in the ignition. turned it, and it went -- >> reporter: but tonight, bill cosby is once again at the center of a fire storm of sexual abuse allegations. do you think he is a serial
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rapist? >> certainly. he has an m.o. >> reporter: she was 19, a comedy writer visiting los angeles, when she was introduced to cosby. >> he took a liking to me. i liked him, too. he was funny, friendly, we made jokes with each other. he said, come up to my cottage after i'm done working. >> reporter: and you thought? >> i thought, cool. >> reporter: she believes she was drugged. >> the next thing i remember, i was on the couch, and he was removing my underwear. i was just horrified. and still kind of out of it. just disgusted, disappointed,
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shocked. >> reporter: do you call the police, tell anyone? >> tell no one. i had the victim's guilt of, i should have known better. i shouldn't have gone up there. >> reporter: she says it happened twice. why go back a second time? >> because i saw no way out. >> reporter: why not go to the police? >> i didn't think anybody would believe me. me, saying something about bill cosby, who's like a god to everybody in the world. he's mr. wonderful. mr. jell-o. >> jell-o brand pudding pops. >> reporter: he's an entertainment pioneer. the first african american to star in a network drama, and earning an estimated $450
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million. she's now inspired by the other stories she says are just like hers. do you think people still won't believe your story? >> there are people out there, saying exactly the same m.o. and if any other girls are out there, they're saying, uh-huh, yup. >> reporter: one of those other women, barbara bowman. she says that cosby raped her when she was just 17. laid out her claims in an op-ed in the "washington post" and to abc news. >> there was a time i was at dinner at his brownstone, and i had one glass of wine. and the next thing i knew, i was slumped over the toilet throwing up. i was sick, confused, foggy.
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i had really no idea what was happening. >> reporter: but she says when she tried to tell people what happened, no one believed her. >> the lawyer laughed at me, treated me like i was delusional. who's going to believe that? >> reporter: she said it took another woman coming forward to tell her story. >> when i heard about her filing this lawsuit, that was the first eye-opener to me. i said, that's enough. i will not sit in silence any longer. >> reporter: it was andrea constant. suing in 1995. bowman testified she, too, had been assaulted to cosby. criminal charges were not filed, and it was settled.
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cosby's lawyers called the chargers old and that he does not intend to dignify it with any statement. but later today, they other situation was resolved years ago. >> i think trying to exclude this one alleged victim from comment, there are some things he is not allowed to say. >> reporter: but what happened to his comedy legacy. >> well, social media has found him guilty. >> reporter: for these women, the statute of limitations may be up. but that's not stopping them from hurling serious charges to
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america's beloved funnyman. what would you say to him? >> get well soon. would i like to kick him in the shins? maybe. but you don't have much more time left, so get well, soon. next, is kendall jenner really dating justin bieber? the kardashian family's newest it-girl is letting off steam, and telling all. and later on "nightline," we may never know how much beyonce paid to be a flawless bridesmaid. but if you're going broke to be a bridesmaid, there is a solution. he said that for some people, an antidepressant alone only helps so much and suggested we add abilify (aripiprazole). he said that by taking both,
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the kardashian clan has no trouble staying in the spotlight. but now kendall jenner is making a splash in the fashion world, and doing it on her own terms. here's juju chang. >> reporter: she's the it-girl model of the season. kendall jenner has been strutting on the cat walks this season, trying to make a name for herself. >> i'm not trying to use the family name. i worked hard for this. it wasn't like i got it magically. >> reporter: so, you would think it helps her to be the baby
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sister of kim ckardashian. but she's trying to play it low-key. you banned them from coming to the shows. >> well, banned is a strong word. kim told me she got invited. she said, what do you think? i said, i agree, don't come. >> reporter: she wants to focus that attention on her modeling. and is happy for the rare moment just to blend in. >> and the makeup artist said, did you hear that kendall jenner was here? and i was like, cool. >> reporter: and she's making her runway debut earlier this
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year. why would you show this much? >> it was an amazing dress. >> reporter: by 18, she had already posed nude. why? >> i did it for a photographer that i love. >> reporter: so you don't care, people saying, she's an exhibitionist. no, they'll get over it. one day. >> reporter: and she landed a massive cosmetics contract, as the newest face of estee lauder. >> my agent texted me and told me. i was, like, freaking out. >> reporter: she says she's excited to find fame on her own terms. >> that's what a lot of people like to say, you just got this
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because of your family. but i had to prove what i was doing. >> and she literally came of age, "keeping up with the kardashians." >> reporter: what was that like? >> i started so young. >> when you first start your period, you use a pad. >> reporter: that's kendall at just 12 years old. >> you okay? breathing? everything good? >> i was always embarrassed to talk about a boy. and they knew that. they would tease me. >> reporter: and watch you squirm. but kendall has always had her own aspirations. what made you want to model?
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>> i was looking at these super models, they were like super heroes. >> reporter: it doesn't hurt to have millions of followers on twitter and instagrams. you're 18, you have millions of twitter followers, you do have influence. >> i take that into consideration, but it's my outlet. i'm not like a huge party person. you know what i mean? >> reporter: as a reality star with a polarizing family, she has developed a thick skin for
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haters. and this headline, you're too fat for the runway. >> i think it was photo shopped. >> reporter: why not call that out? >> i don't feel the need to, you know what i mean? let them do what they want to do. sit behind the computer and let a young girl feel bad about herself. i think it's cruel and evil. >> reporter: she comes off surprisingly un-kardashian. no glam squad, no entourage. we hit the gym together, and she showed me how she keeps the slim physique. boxing is her outlet.
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kendall's fashion dreams have kept her on the road. for now, there's no need for college. >> i did everything i needed to to get into a good college. but i wasn't much of a school kid. >> reporter: really? but she was also an athlete, taking after her olympic gold-winning dad. >> i ended up being the number one high jumper in my school. >> reporter: that's awesome. you're a jenner, you have to represent. lately, she has been crashing at kim and kanye's place. >> my family is my rock. when i was a kid, i was so home sick. i would go to my friend's, and call my dad's, please come pick me up. we won't be siblings anymore.
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>> reporter: even after her parents' divorce, she says the bond is still strong. >> nothing has changed, but now by dad lives on a beach. which is awesome. >> reporter: but that hasn't stopped the wild headlines about her family. what do you do about those? >> brush it off. >> reporter: when it comes to the kardashians and jenners, the rumors never stop. what does your husband look like? >> tall, dark, and handsome. >> reporter: are you in a relationship? >> no, just traveling, going places i've never been.
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there's nothing to complain about. >> reporter: for "nightline," juju chang in new york. next, beyonce stole the spotlight when her sister got married. but how can you stay on a budget as a bridesmaid? that's next. double wiwe need to do something different. callahan's? ehh, i mean get away. like away away. road trip?
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now i can focus on more pressing matters woo your sweet peppers aren't next to your hot peppers. gasp tide pods three times the stain removal power available at target being a bridesmaid can be a meaningful, even defining experience for some. but it doesn't come cheap. and often the dress goes right
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to the back of the closet, forever. but now there may be another way to do it. >> reporter: solange just got married, putting sister beyonce on bridesmaid duty. whether's 27 dresses, the bitter icing on the wedding cake, being force to shell out hundreds for a dress that you're never going to wear again. kelsey launched bride to be chic to help. if you're going to have a dapper
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groom, you need to look the part. and now you can rent it instead of buying it. how much can you save? >> up to 4$400, 80%. >> reporter: a more fashion-forward look, but for less. like this dress, retailing for $300. but you can rent it for $110. this one, $495, but as a rental, you will pay only $125. >> and the nude color retails around $225, but you can rent it for $110. >> reporter: the bridesmaid receives two sizes to try on.
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and one week before the wedding, the gown arrives to the doorstep. >> they're loving it. >> reporter: one less thing to worry about. for "nightline," abby boudreau. thanks for watching. as always, we're online at good night.
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